Pop Up Literature Racks Vs Nylon Literature Racks

When you need to pass out promotional fliers, you cannot go wrong with a literature rack. Literature display racks make it easy for guests to learn more about the products and services you offer. Many times people may feel pressure if you are standing there handing out promotional brochures. However with a brochure rack, clients can come up and grab a brochure with no pressure at all. Clients are more than likely going to be attracted to the rack if it displays your promotional literature attractively. There are various types of literature racks out there including nylon and pop up. One of the more popular literature racks is the pop up literature display rack due to its unique design and features.

Curiosity may strike a person seeing a pop up literature rack for the first time. The pop up literature rack sports a sleek accordion like design that instantly attracts curious on lookers. Holes are present in the pockets to reduce unnecessary weight. The collapsible accordion style design makes for a fast set up. The unique construction also allows users to leave their literature inside and collapse the pop up literature rack. Being lightweight and portable is one of its many features. Commonly constructed from powder coated metal, you do not have to worry about these racks breaking apart. Being lightweight and portable is one of its many features. Most pop up brochure stands also come with a traveling bag so that you can easily use this one on the go.

The amount of pockets on any literature display rack is very important as it determines how much you can actually display. With plenty of room to store your literature, the pockets on the pop up literature display racks are normally 12″ X 9″ X 1″ so it has the ability to hold large stacks of literature. Many of the pop up literature racks have a total of six pockets 3 in the front and 3 in the back. So people walking by no matter which direction can grab your literature.

The pop up literature display racks differ from the normal nylon free standing racks in multiple aspects. The pop up allows anyone walking by in either direction to grab literature. With nylon stands, literature can only be placed on one side. Literature can also be left in the rack with the pop up brochure stands, allowing you to break it down with full pockets. With nylon literature racks breaking everything down with full pockets can prove difficult since you would have to roll up the literature making it bulky and hard for storage. Another issue that comes up with this task is damaging the literature since it does not have a hard metal pocket to protect it. Whichever literature display rack you choose depends really on what you features you are looking for.

Depending on your needs and budget literature display racks are a great resource for any business or office. Getting the word out there about your product services increases exposure and benefits both you and the client. There are various types of racks out, however if you want a great looking modern literature rack, a Pop up brochure stand may be the way to go. You want your literature rack to be effective in a way that allows you to attractively display your literature and capture the attention of your clients.

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