Sports and Laziness: Who Will Win? Personal Experience

Some time ago, fate brought me to the gym. How do I thank her!

Sport is a fate that was with me at different periods of life. In early childhood, I was tempered swimming. Then there was the boxing section for the education of strength and will. The school has taught agility on the basketball-volleyball court.

A healthy body is brought about a healthy mind as long as the work did not take all the free and unfree time.

Weeks followed one another and folded in the year, and thought that it would be necessary to do sports, do not leave the mind. After going through all the possible sports deals in our city, I decided to buy a subscription to the gym. The instructor introduced me to the rules of etiquette, I sketched out an exercise novice, and held an orientation course with the equipment.

Nothing complicated – several approaches with a clear number of repetitions. Huge room, cluttered with lots of iron, is not impressed and scared. People with a serious expression on his face deliberately “worked” with a happy looking at his reflection in the mirror. (By the way, all educated and friendly: hello – goodbye, help – no problem, tell me – please…)

After the first workout a few days I could not sit, walk, lie down, even to laugh, hurt everywhere where there is muscle, and where, as I felt them and should not be there.

It is only then I reread a bunch of sports literature on rules and prohibitions, concluded find answers to my silly questions and correct their mistakes.

A few months nothing happened with my figure. Just been a constant good humor and lightness. Much later was to emerge muscle relief. I have learned to distinguish between muscles and understand how they react to certain exercises.

I do not belong to the category of people who grumble at his reflection in the mirror. Life has taught to accept themselves for who is there. In this world nobody is perfect, and each has its drawbacks. Training cou

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